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Resume Writing 

A resume is a medium for advertising yourself, its the first most means which you use to present yourself and try to claim that you are the best choice to your prospects employer. Through your resume you have to showcase your major assets like :

1) Experience

2) Achievements

3) Capabilities

4) Qualities

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Always keep in mind that, there is no specific format for a resume.
You have to prepare your own resume in such a way that it gives impression in first look that you are a perfect fit for the job you have applied. An employer hardly takes
10-15 seconds to make a decision about your interview call after looking at your resume. If your resume is well written then definitely you will be in the shortlisted candidates does not matter you have required potential or not but you will get a call otherwise your resume will become a part of a recycle bin.

Tips For Resume Making :

a) Use either Microsoft word or Photoshop to design your Resume .

b) Your Resume Can contain the following Sections : 

Address Section,

Summary Section,

Education Details,

Project Details,


Extra Curricular Activities,

Personal Details,

Conclusion / Declaration

c) Important points / added advantage must be highlighted .

Common Mistakes that Students Make in their Resumes

1) 3 Page Resume - Rejected !! 
[ You may be rejected from some companies if you have a Resume with 3 Pages. A fresher Resume should can be either one or 2 pages only ]

2) Improper Alignment & margins
3) Font : Use any one Professional Font . Dont Use more than 2 fonts 
[ Times of New Roman is not the only Professional Font . There are many Professional Fonts like Arial, Calibri, Georgia , Myriad Pro, etc. ]
4) Font Size - content in the Resume can be between 10 to 13, Headings can be between 12 to 14, Name / Header can be within 25
5) See to that there are no Grammatical/Spelling/Punctuation Mistakes

Tips :
1) BOLD the key points or credits in your resume
2) Always send while resume in PDF format while applying for Interviews
3) Save your Resume as -->     <Your Name> <Department> <Resume>   or Just <Your Name> <Resume>  Donot just name it as "Resume.pdf" and send , or dont give crazy names to your Resume. Make it Professional ! 

Avoid Mistakes:


To avoid spelling mistakes:

  Don't use words with which you aren't familiar. 

  Use a dictionary as you write. 

  Perform a spell check on your finished resume. 

  Carefully read every word in your resume. 

  Have a friend or two proof read your resume for you. 


Things to look for:

  Periods at the end of all full sentences. 

  Be consistent in your use of punctuation. 

  Avoid using exclamation points. 


Grammar hang-ups to watch for:

  Do not switch tenses within your resume. 

  The duties you currently perform should be in present tense (i.e., write reports) 

  Duties you may have performed at past jobs should be in past tense (i.e., wrote reports). 

  Capitalize all proper nouns. 

  If you begin a sentence with a numeral, spell out that numeral (e.g. Eleven service awards won while employed.). 

  Make sure your date formats are consistent (i.e.11/22/01 or Nov. 22, 2001, or 11.22.01. Choose one and stick with it.). 

  Choose Your Words Carefully.

  Be on the lookout for the following easily confused words.


In most instances it is not necessary to include names and address of references on the resume. If you include a reference, make it sure that the referenced person knows very well about you. It is also advisable to add the persons as references, whom the employer can contact easily. If possible add the phone number and e-mail ID of the reference. Never add a person as a reference, about whom you know nothing.


Employers have a busy schedule, so don't expect them to read through a long resume. Ideally, resumes should be of one page, or of two pages only if absolutely necessary, to describe relevant work experience.


Use of language is extremely important; you need to sell yourself to an employer quickly and efficiently. Address your potential employer's needs with a clearly written, compelling resume. Avoid large paragraphs (five or six lines). If you provide small, digestible pieces of information, your resume will be read. Use action verbs. Verbs such as "developed", "managed", and "designed" emphasise your accomplishments. Don't use declarative sentences like "I developed the ..." or "I assisted in ...", leave out the "I". Avoid passive constructions, such as "was responsible for managing". Just say, "managed": that sounds stronger and more active.


Employers will feel more comfortable hiring you if they can verify your accomplishments. There is a difference between making the most of your experience and exaggerating or falsifying it. A falsified resume can cost you the job later.


Check your resume for correct grammar and spelling - evidence of good communication skills and attention to detail. Nothing can ruin your chances of getting a job faster than submitting a resume filled with preventable mistakes. Make your resume easy on the eye. Use normal margins (1" on the top and bottom, 1.25" on the sides) and don't cram your text on the page. Allow for some space between the different sections. Avoid unusual or exotic fonts. Preferred fonts: Arial and Times Roman


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